About our company

Thank you from our President

After 60 years of a successful business, I have a lot of people to thank.  I have developed life-long relationships with my customers.  These are people that are making their mark on our community.  Thank you to my team that shares in my common vision.  They work with new technology in the market and operate with our core values.  The soul of this company is the people that I work with.  

God bless you, 

Jonathan Cantrell




Roy Caldwell, Founder

roy-caldwell Roy Caldwell created Caldwell Paving in 1958.  He was a prominent paving contractor in the Bradley County area for over 50 years.  Recognized for integrity and honesty with employees and clients, Roy Caldwell built a solid foundation for a successful business.  He trained and passed on this rich heritage to his grandson, Jonathan Cantrell.  Jonathan is the current President of Caldwell Paving. 
Roy Caldwell


Mission Statement

Guaranteeing success to those that make their mark by enhancing durability and value of paved surfaces.


Our Larger Vision

  1. Honor God by serving the community through Christian values and character.

  2. Follow in the footsteps of our founder by providing integrity and honesty in all business relationships.

  3. Operate through fair value.

  4. Maintain the highest ethics of a business of reputation that is fully liscensed, bonded, and insured.

  5. Provide an atmosphere of health and safety for trained employees that value teamwork.


Corporate Philosophy

The passion of Caldwell Paving is to provide our customers with success.  We have built a great team of trained and liscensed professionals that share core values and the American work ethic.  We offer service, safety, quality, and professionalism as we enhance beauty in lasting solutions that uphold environmental concerns for future generations.