Our company is capable and willing to prep and install paving from the simplest driveway to the most complex residential or commercial development. We will start from the beginning earthwork, and follow through to the final paving. Our company specializes in fine grading, installing base stone, curbing, asphalt paving, striping, seal coating and asphalt stamping.

The Paving Process

Before any new paving project is started we first analyze the entire area. We have taken the guess-work out of grading by equipping each prep team with the latest in Laser Technology to help provide us with the proper engineering needed to ensure that your project drains correctly. Site preparation consists of layout, fine grading, the installation of base stone (if needed), and a compaction test to make sure that after all the prep work is done the base is strong and ready for paving.


After the necessary prep work is complete, paving can begin. Asphalt is best installed when it is at its hottest temperature. We equip our paving team with the proper equipment and enough skilled personnel to successfully install the asphalt as quickly as possible.


“Do we need new base stone even if we have a hard surface?”
It depends on the traffic that will be using the new surface and the age of the current base stone. More times than not you need new base stone to help ensure the longevity of your new asphalt investment.

“How long do we wait to sealcoat after our first investment in new asphalt?”
We recommend sealing as early as six months to a year after installation. A customer can also wait up to three years to have the first seal coating application done.

Asphalt Sealing

Seal coating helps lock out harmful sunlight, chemicals and surface water that causes asphalt to prematurely age and deteriorate. Proper seal coating includes thoroughly cleaning the parking lot, checking for surface cracks, filling cracks if needed and installing two coats of sealer. Sealing is recommended between six months to a year after your new asphalt has been installed, but a customer can also wait up to three years to have the first seal coating application done.


Extruded concrete curbing is the most popular and most economical. It is installed by machine with several different molds to choose from. Curb & gutter systems are the most expensive and are normally required on large municipal projects. �When our company builds a project, it�s mostly for our ownership portfolio. To say �we build a building like it�s our own� is not an understatement. We have now owned and developed more than 1 million square feet of commercial real estate.

Asphalt Stamping

We also offer stamped asphalt for those customers interested in adding design to their asphalt project.




Notable Seal Coating Projects

  • Seal coating & patching of the entire Bradley Central High School Campus. Approx. $98,400.00.
  • Seal coating & patching of the entire Cleveland State Community College Campus. Approx. $140,000.00.
  • Seal coating & patching assorted projects at Lee University ranging in price from $50,000 – $100,000.